7 swans a swimming…

January 1, 2014


Yep, that’s all! X


6 geese a laying.

December 30, 2013

I have to say that for me the whole Christmas season is pretty much my fave!

We get to celebrate the stuff I’ve been saying on repeat in previous posts. We get to eat special food (goose anyone?!) and spend time with family and friends. We get to stay in in the evenings and watch the same 3 programmes on repeat over and over. And we get to look forward.

To what?

To New Year, to its possibilities and potential. To the intentions we have and the good we hope to do. To the way in which we can set ourselves new targets and goals and the way that with a new start comes the opportunity to do things differently.

Whatever resolutions you are planning: reach, and leap, and who knows; maybe 2014 will be the year?!



Fiiive Goo-old Rings; Four Calling birds…

December 29, 2013

Christmas #2 happened this weekend which was lovely. Children were fun and noisy, parents were wonderful and the grandchildren and the dog very well behaved!!! (See what I did there?!)

There were 25 of us at the church I was preaching at this morning as we were thinking about the flight to Egypt and the massacre of the innocents. I find this season so full of juxtapositions: 4 days ago we were talking about angels and shepherds and gifts, and now a king ordering the killing of a whole generation of baby boys in Bethlehem. A frosty, car scraping, morning departure for church with 2 RTA’s seen en-route and returning in bright sunshine to happy children playing outside and inside and giggling louder than should be humanly possible! A God who is with us in exile and return home. A God in our midst, understanding every part of our human experience and who knows intimately the trials as He knows the joys. This is the majesty and mystery of this season: God is with us. I know I keep saying it, but I think it is worth saying, on repeat.

Hope your weekend has been a good one… Hope your New Year celebration plans are going well?!

7 days to go! 🙂


Three French hens.

December 27, 2013

‘3 is a magic number…’ (Sings Jack Johnson) Stands for ‘reduce reuse recycle…’ And today is recycling day. The bins on the curb have been collected (noisily!) and much of the detritus of the past week has gone to be made new once more.

3 is a perfect number, biblically speaking. 3 is also the number of points associated with a sermon… And as I start to think about blogging more consistently about preaching here is a blog of 3 points….. (1 was the magic number thing, 2 is the acknowledgement that sermons often have 3 points and 3 comes next)

John Hall @deanwestminster @wabbey tweeted this morning: “St John the Evangelist (his feast today) draws all followers of Christ to see ourselves as Beloved Disciples. Thank God for his beautiful work!” I wonder how easy it is to feel like beloved disciples? I am taking the 12 days as my headings… And, even as the song goes, “my true love sent to me” we sit now in the Christmas season, remembering as Gods people, our true – our truest – love; sent to us, sent for us, sent by God, because of God’s love for us, His creation. So surely we can see a glimmer, we can glimpse (@RuthMGee) Gods glory and begin to know that we, even we, can see ourselves as beloved. And to remind us: from St. John… “For God so loved the world”.

Three. God is with us. We are made new. We are so loved.

Ok so that doesn’t flow perfectly. This isn’t meant to be perfect, it’s a blog! And anyhow, now I need to go and play with walkie-talkies, ukelele’s and other such gift delights! 🙂



And a partridge in a pear tree.

December 26, 2013

Yesterday (Christmas Day) we had upwards of 60 people for our morning service, which is no mean feat considering my first year there were only 35-40, and that was the highest level the congregation had been since I started there!

I was also part of a trio of ministers in the Connexion (at least just 3 to my knowledge) who wore splendid Christmas pudding Christmas jumpers! We celebrated a message of Good News in Christmas that is more than puddings, parties and presents; and is in fact about person, promise and peace!

There was hilarity and solemnity in proper measure and the presence of God was palpable in the warmth and fellowship of worship.

And the best part of all?

That as we shared food as a family later on the (tea)light, given out at the service earlier in the day, shone and gave us warmth as we met around a table laden with deliciousness!

I hope you all had a very happy and wonder-full day.

Love, R. x


Two turtle doves…

December 26, 2013

Well, Christmas Day has happened… (It was glorious btw!) and now I have what a very wise and sensible chap has called the ‘clergy post Christmas cold’ (the “c lurgy”).

But being this side of that festival day means I have time to pause and recollect that I have 1 (yes, just one) month to go until I sabbatalise(?!)

It also means I have quite a list of things to do. But that can wait until after New Year, and after the cold has passed.


Meeting the support group…

November 9, 2013

It was supportive! Not sure what I was expecting.

We talked about all that was needed in terms of cover and being looked after and keeping things going in my soon to be absence, we talked about arrangements and ‘the plan’ and we then got onto the content bit…

They seemed to like the idea. They asked questions, they were encouraging, they checked things about expectations and how I might measure ‘success’ and what the resource might be afterwards.

So. It’s a go.


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