3 months to go…

October 8, 2013

So, I was thinking that I’d have had an amount of time to practise by now, and a few more posts might have appeared; but apparently I am either inept or overworked…

Putting that aside though I think it’s about time I just did it, so here I go!

I am suddenly realising how close to it I’m getting. I have already said I have an idea and a plan… But that was 9 months ago! I still have that plan and I still have an idea but in some parts it has changed and moved slightly.

So what is it? I’m going to look at, reflect on, observe and write (blog) about preaching. It’s what I do, at least once a week – in reality at least three times a week – and so I am going to see how I can learn more and grow more as I spend time focussed in this way.

And I have an advantage. I belong to a church with a strong tradition of preachers and preaching, I am surrounded by family and friends in that tradition and who I am able to draw on and share with (who I look forward to visiting and listening to: you have been warned!). Furthermore, there is the diversity of preaching around the different denominations we engage with and share with in ministry and mission.

I’m not sure how academically theological it’s going to get, I’m not sure whether palimpsest or expository styles are going to feature strongly, I’m not even sure if I’m going to get as far as I imagined when I first looked at it at the start of the year.

However, I am going to have a look, a think, and see what comes. No pressure, no strategy, nothing complicated… But an idea and a plan and 3 months of further prep…

Bye for now!


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